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In the United States, cheap nike socks wholesale about whether or not to wear shoes to wear socks baby problems, from the pediatrician, down to the sports rehabilitation division, the answer is the same.

Wear socks and gloves role as the role, wholesale custom socks just to keep warm, if not cold, can not wear do not wear.

Many times, we feel the baby hands and feet are cool earth, custom socks wholesale then we will not consciously want to add to the baby clothing. In fact, it is unnecessary to determine whether the baby cool, the best place to touch the back of the neck.

Because the baby's blood circulation system is still in development, the blood supply will be the most important internal organs, custom wholesale socks first ensure that they have adequate nutrition, natural hands and feet are the last to be taken care of.

This phenomenon will continue for some time, until the baby move more and more, cheap custom socks wholesale online blood circulation will be improved.

After reading this is not a surprise, what benefits that barefoot in the end what is it?

Barefoot promote tactile development cheap custom socks wholesale

Baby's sensory development is very important, this is a very important foundation for brain development, the baby through their five senses (see, hear, touch, smell, taste) acceptance of outside information, and enter into the brain, wholesale nike socks brain development to help your baby, your baby form awareness of the outside world.

Feet publish a lot of peripheral nerves, and hands like feet touch also needs to develop, the need to reach different materials, different hard and soft objects, to stimulate its tactile.

Because walking, nike socks wholesale feet need to contact surfaces of the input signal to the brain, feet touch if not well developed, and that the signal input will not be so sensitive, resulting in some people is that after adult can walk easily fall or stumble.

Barefoot develop better walking posture

At the outset toddler, baby walking barefoot, wholesale nike socks china the baby will be more easily upright, to form a good walking posture, but also go more coordinated.

Because walking barefoot, soles of peripheral nerve can feel directly the ground floor came directly received pressure, but also to better perceive the ground level of change, time to adjust.

In the toddler period walking shoes, these feelings will be subject to the barrier, the baby will need to look down at the ground to determine the ground change, over time, it is easy to develop the habit of walking down.

Of course, this does not mean that the baby must walk barefoot in the street, wholesale nike socks from china but at least we need to consciously make more baby barefoot opportunity to their feet to perceive and be free to explore the world.

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